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    Quote Originally Posted by pminmo View Post
    If you look at what the LM317 runs, it's the 5V on the board. The incomming unregulated VDC (18V or more) is used for the H bridge of the motor in the L298.
    Thanks again for the feedback PMinMO. Clearly I am not understanding the circuit well at all. I'll go back and take another look at it and figure it out.


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    Help me! i want to try with Tach's 3axis board(driver and choper) but i have problem!!!
    can i change irlz44 as irf540? and i can't buy IRF9540 in my place,help me to find out IC same as to change it.
    Thanks so much!!!!

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    Re: Open Source Boards Available, Stepper Drivers and Break Out Boards

    Does anyone know why I would be able to run my Steppers with TB6600 Drivers and a DM542T Driver, but not with my gecko 201x driver on Mach 3? All I’m getting is stuttering or the motor only moving in one direction. When it’s energized with the driver, it is possible to turn the shaft manually easier than usual.

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