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    Wireless probe question

    I just finally got this up and running on my VF-5, but when I go to touch off an endmill, I get an alarm calling a z over travel. It then inputs a distance of -4724. in my z offset. If I set the tool as a drill in the IPS it will offset it no problem. I know the tool is supposed to rotate in reverse to find the high spot and touch off on the tool probe. Any ideas?

    As to the aforementioned item I think I have figured out the problem there. But I have another question. I have everything calibrated and all is working well, but when I touch off a single axis...namely "Z", my tool positions itself .197 above the z plane. Can anyone help?

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    I had a similar issue recently. And mine was after using the probe for a while. I all of a sudden lost .075" of every tool I had in the magazine. The remedy was to re-calibrate the spindle probe to the tool setter. Don't worry about the ring gage part (x and y), they rarely need reworking. I used the VQC calibrations first two calibrations and POOF the .075" came back. I never manually lie to my tool length offsets so I do not feel like mine was a keystroke issue. Who knows....bottom line, recalibrate the probe and OTS and make sure to use the probe for setting your G54 Z's and the OTS for the tools. Also, remember to dedicate a pocket in your magazine for the spindle probe and leave it there. Good luck.

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    So I recalibrated everything, touched off work probe to tool probe and am still getting a difference of .197. I'm stumped.

    Not stumped anymore....the tech's who delivered the machine never updated the software. The machine was over 6 up revs off. Got's to love it!

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    Wireless Probe

    Glad to hear you got your issue sorted out.

    I am a newbie and have the Renisahw Wireless Probe and I love it. It makes setups a breeze. I do a lot of 1 offs and only have a 10 tool changer on my TM-1P so being able to quickly and accurately set the tool lengths and establish the datum for the part is a big plus for me.


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