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Thread: reset axis

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    reset axis

    Hi !
    I`m worKhing on a FADAL machine 4020 HS 88 format 2.
    How can I reset and unreset axis x,y or z in JOG mode ?
    This thing is possible on other machines,how can I do it on FADAL?
    I`ll be very kind if someone could help me.Thanks

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    if I understand you correctly you can't get it out of the jog mode once in it? hit the manual button that will take it out of jog

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    What do you mean "unreset" the axes? Resetting the axes is done when an error has occurred. Please explain what it is you are trying to do.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Delw View Post
    if I understand you correctly you can't get it out of the jog mode once in it? hit the manual button that will take it out of jog
    I`m sorry for my exprimation,if it wasn`t correct but here`s a text from a Fadal manual :

    "To enter the Manual Mode of the machine, press the JOG key.Each of the axes position can be zero while in this mode. By pressing the associated letter for the axis, the position display will be zeroed out. For
    example, pressing the Y key will result in the Y axis position to be cleared to
    zero. This feature can be helpful to set reference points as the machine is
    positioned to points on a part print."

    thanks again !

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    OK let me try to answer your question. What I believe you want to do is set an origin point / temporary axis position. The fadal that you have will not let you reset any axis while in the jog mode. The manual that you quoted is the Fadal TRM ( tool room mill ) and that's not what you have. What I do to set
    a temp position ( format 1 )is the following.
    1: pick up your position
    2: go into MDI
    3: type in G92 followed by the axis you want, example G92X0
    4: hit enter
    5: hit slide hold
    6: hit jog
    You will have an axis temporarily set to a zero position be it XYZAB.
    Then you jog and pick up another position and it gives the distance.
    Here's an example for you: Say I have jogged my indicator to Z0 on fixture
    offset E1. I want to know the height difference between E1,E2, and E3. I would do a G92Z0 with my indicator reading zero. I would then jog to the top of E2 and have my indicator read zero. I then write this number down. Let's say it read Z-1.125 I then go to the top of E3 and have my indicator read zero. Let's say it read Z-2.25. I would write this down.Then I go into the display fixtures offset page and in the Z for E2 Iwould put in Z-1.125 and in
    E3 I would put in Z-2.25
    Here's another example: You want to pick up the center of your part. You use your edge finder to pick up the left side. you do a G92X0 Then you jog up and over to the other side. You pick up the right side and you now have a
    distance from the left to the right. You divide that by 2 and you have the center of the part. Jog to the center and set your offset.

    I hope this answer's your question and helps you.

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