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    Simple 1/4" thick 6061 plate

    I need someone that is capable to make a very simple 1/4" thick Aluminum plate out of 6061 and have my logo engraved. It does not need to be laser engraved. I am open to suggestions to help lower costs.

    The plate roughly measures 4" x 5" x 1/4". The tolerance is not crucial as long as it's within .015". But, you need to be able to cut to smaller tolerances with some other designs I have in the future. Material will be provided by you. The method of cutting does not matter as long as the edge is very clean. Milling this piece is optimal, but if you feel you can cut this with a laser cutter or waterjet and still maintain a clean edge, please feel free to quote. But, this piece is meant to be a cosmetic block plate, so it may either need to be polished or tumbled afterward. No plating or coating should be needed. But I would like to establish a relationship with someone that can handle all types of anodizing and coatings for aluminum.

    I am looking for the most cost efficient way possible to have this plate made. The lower the 'per unit' cost, the better. You may even be able to cut this piece directly out of a sheet of 1/4" aluminum if you are able to clean up the finish to make it look bright and shiny.

    I do not want to post the CAD drawing of the plate and my logo on this forum, so please email me at [adogg18@yahoo.com] and I will promptly reply with the dxf or dwg drawings, whatever you prefer.

    I will need one sample before production begins. Once I approve the sample, I will order 25 pieces that same day. Turnaround needs to be within 2 weeks after approval of sample. A quicker turnaround would be great, but I figured this is acceptable.

    If things go well, expect several more orders a month or two later, then, I will be happy to double the quantity and order 50 at a time. I would rather start small and build some trust.

    I have several more projects that need to get off the ground. One project would involved cutting 1/4" thick steel and having the capability to cleanly weld two pieces together and then have the bracket zinc or chrome plated.

    One thing I should mention is that once I find a machinist I can trust, I will stick with you for life.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Walstonburg, NC 27888

    Edit: Please do not post pricing here.

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    I will continue to take quotes until Monday afternoon. Then I will need to choose a machinist that is able to handle this job as well as all my future aluminum projects.

    Please email me to request the CAD drawings in dxf format.


    I will be able to respond to emails during the weekend.


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