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    All of the interface information is in the Powermax1000 operators manual. Manuals are shipped with every Hypertherm plasma system....if you do not have the manual go to Choose your region and language | Hypertherm , click on download library (at the top of the page) choose system type (Powermax1000) then choose manuals, then operators manual.

    Pins 3 and 4 are plasma start.....these will only function with the machine torch....with a hand torch they are inactive as the hand torch has its own trigger switch. With the plasma on and air pressure adequate....connecting p[in 3 to 4 will start the plasma. These are not polarity dependant.

    Pins 12 and 14 are a relay contact output ....this contact closes when the arc is transferred and cutting the plate. This is used to start machine motion or the height control.

    Pins 5 and 6 are 50:1 divided arc voltage for use with some height controls. Raw DC arc voltage can be accessed on the main circuit board inside the Powermax1000, information for these connections is also in the manual.

    Jim Colt Hypertherm

    Quote Originally Posted by spotlite View Post
    On POWERMAX1000 with Machine CNC output plug, please specify the plug pinouts finctions?

    How to get the document sabout that?

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    Do you have a manual for the controller?

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