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    Get Perpendicular

    Interesting to know how you get Z-axis Perpendicular to X-Y,
    I mean in a way of higher precision, not so-so ...
    I have gantry mill made from Aluminium, 1200mm x 450mm table, Z-180mm travel, Hiwin 15 rails, 4 cars per all axles, 16/5 ball screws, all is made by myself, Servo System and Soft I bought from http://www.imsrv.com/
    All is rigid, no slack ... about my selfmade high speed spindle I have spoken
    in http://www.cnczone.com/forums/showthread.php?t=12184 (pages 5 ... 7).
    I can detect that Z axis is not perpendicular as fine I like ... for example I can see it when using fly cutter, very little but anyway - I want it perfect.
    Any Instrument for this?

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    I typically mount a test indicator ( I use a tenths indicator, one could use 50 millionths ) in the spindle.
    Then tram the table in X & Y. Use the tramming to detect imperfections in the bed/table and adjust out by whatever means you can depending on the type of machine configuration you have.
    Once this is complete, Then mount the same indicator in some type of holder ( I use a magnetic base or one of several I made ) that will enable you to rotate the indicator on an arc. To be clear, the indicator will not be aligned with the spindle in Z axis, rather offset 3", 4" , 8" ( the more the more accurate ). Rotate the spindle and take readings ( example readings X+,X-,Y+,Y-. Now adjust the head to bring all readings to zero.
    Once you get this close, but perhaps are still uncertian or several tenths or thousandths off...skim cut the table if you want it as close as you can get it. Most machine manufacturers ( both routers and mills ) machine their tables with the spindle on the machine.

    Hope this helps!

    Mark T.

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    Yeah - many thanks! - very simple! How I forgot about indicator and spindle ...
    Im autodidact in this area - most of my knowledge derive from this forum, observed several years without comments ... and today my modest workshop runs well.
    Once again - thanks,

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