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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > Mastercam > How to rough/finish threadmill in MCX?
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    How to rough/finish threadmill in MCX?

    Anyone have an automatic way of getting X to create a rough then finish path when using the threadmill feature?
    I have been creating 2 arcs, one smaller than the final to create the rough cut, then selecting them in the appropriate order. This works only by moving the smaller arc to be used for roughing to a different center point.
    I would think that with all the features available this option would have been an easy one for the Mastercam programmers to think of and add in long ago - or maybe I'm missing it...
    John B

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    MCX gives you the option of multi rough passes and multi finish passes in the thread mill toolpath, it even allows you to change the fin rpm and feed rate
    If you can ENVISION it I can make it

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    Nov 2006
    CNCKing, Where might this option be? My threadmilling looks almost identical to the MC9 panel, and I see nothing of this sort.
    Thanks, John

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    Are you running the first version of Mastercam X and nothing newer?
    Sample picture. this from MCX-Mr1
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails thread mill MCX-Mr.jpg  
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    I'm running SP1. I've installed the MR1/SP2 update, but it doesn't get settled in right and crashes my box over and over and over. My maintenance expired long ago, so I don't have the MR1 side of it running, just the SP2 side.
    I'm looking at X2 now, and that option will be in it certainly.

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