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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Benchtop Machines > roland camm3 mill any info appreciated
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    roland camm3 mill any info appreciated

    I'd like to inquire about the roland camm3 mill. My main cincern would be the software and their inability to write g code with their software. Is there any way around this or is there a modern software available for this machine. The current software uses dos.
    I'm considering buying this mill , however, i'm stuck with the dilemma of the software and the limits at hand. Please help, and advice will be greatly appreciated.

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    mark, i did a little google search and found that while its dos based it still does complex machining operations. While their control software doesnt create code, it looks as if many popular cad software apps are able to be used with the machine. I would do more research on the machine, it wasnt very clear from what I read (Something about BASIC) on how the machine is controlled.

    But I did find a few sites where one guy was using artcam as his cad and another guy was using autocad.........

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