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    Z Servo Drive Fault

    Hi !! Noob here with a problem... hoping someone can help!

    We have a Bridgeport Eztrak fitted with the Millpwr control. Machine has fairly new and not had much use. [We took delivery about 3 weeks before Bridgeport UK went bust, so no warranty ].

    When we switched on earlier, [first time for 4-6 weeks I would think], when trying to 'Find Home' nothing moves and we get error message 'Z Servo Drive Fault'.

    Now we have guessed that this means there is something wrong with the Z servo drive... , but has anybody any ideas exactly what this might be or have you had this problem before?

    Look forward to any help offered!!

    Graham. [Jaff]

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    I know nothing about what is in your machine, but probably you have 3 axis drives. Swap the Z with the Y or x and see if the problem follows the drive. Since the Z is the first to home, I would also make sure that the power is OK (fuses, breaker, etc).

    (Note: The opinions expressed in this post are my own and are not necessarily those of CNCzone and its management)

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    Thanks George,

    ... that's basically what we did yesterday. We established that power was not getting to any of the drives and after fiddling with the power supply plug and socket, [common to all drives], it all fired up ok. Wire connections all checked out fine so can only assume that the plug was not square to the socket or something.


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