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IndustryArena Forum > Metalworking Machines > Benchtop Machines > My 500W 10.5A 48V PSU is here and installed.
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    My 500W 10.5A 48V PSU is here and installed.

    Hi guys,

    To update on what I have done lately. Just received my PSU from ebay. I hooked it up in place of the 24V PSU and fired up Mach3 and the drivers. Wow! just wow! I can rapid at 200 IPM without binding issue.

    I am not going to cut at this speed of course but having the extra torgue and speed is well worth the money I spent.

    Just one thing though, not sure if it is faulty or what, but the built in fan isn't working. Not sure why.

    Can someone tell me what the terminals stands for. I have DC1 (V+), DC2, GRD1 (COM), GRD2, GRD3, FG, L and N. I know all except FG. Looks like it could be for the internal fan. Any idea what this terminal is?

    I am using Keling KL5056 drivers and Keling 495 oz.in motors.


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    K, got a very prompt reply form the ebay seller. The fan will automatically turn on when the temp hits 50 degree mark. And FG stands for Frame ground.

    BTW, any advice when using this power unit? I am made to understand, motor will get hot when using a higher rated PSU, anything else to look out for?


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    sparks? flames? magic smoke? those are what I would look for

    how much was the PSU and got a link for it? I will be in the market for a new one soon.

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    HI Fixitt,

    Hopefully that doesn't happen. I am coward when it comes to electricity. Scared of the stuff. Good thing I have a meter handy for measuring the output. But I did managed to fry my other fan though. It was working fine under 24V, obviously can't take 48V.

    Anyway, This is where I got the PSU.

    Fast shipping. Highly recommended. Some though aren't too comfortable getting from Hong Kong. Me too but this one's legit.


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