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    CNC Router, Virtually New Shopbot BT32 in Canada - Save Over $4000

    Shopbot Buddy BT-32 Standard model in virtually new condition with probably less than 30 hours usage and well over one year still on its warranty. The warranty on the machine and the software are transferrable at no cost, except likely for the Porter Cable router that runs fine including the bearings (bearings are a readily available, low-cost wear item on industrial routers.)

    The "Buddy" is Shopbot’s newest CNC router. It’s an extremely robust machine. It takes up little space, can be moved around easily and can be run on 120 volt ac power. Shopbots are built in the US. They are the lowest cost and most flexible commercial/industrial equipment of this type available and are very much in demand.

    This package comes with a Porter Cable industrial variable speed router, caster system, Shopbot 3D probe scanner, 6’ extension table, Partworks and Partworks 3D software (by Vectric), Shopbot controller incl. control software and a recent model PC with flat screen monitor. The Alpha upgrade can be added later if required.

    In standard configuration, this model is setup with a 32” x 24” cutting area. While its actual cutting width can easily be changed from 32" to 36" by sliding the "stops" out closer to the ends of the gantry, the stops are setup for 32" at the factory, most likely to allow for a generous safety zone around the potential "pinch points" where the moving Z carriage approaches the sides plates of the gantry- a good idea.

    A custom built, six foot (8' long) extended table with cam-lock are also included. It is functionally equivalent to the Shopbot Powerstick option other than it's 6’ working range falls between Shopbot's 4' and 8' versions, it utilizes a heavier duty aluminum extrusion, and instead of ball cups, four removable nylon slides are mounted at the ends of the table tracks to increase support for the 6' plywood spoil board that also comes with it. Two plywood spoil boards for the standard table are also included.

    Like many ‘bots, this unit was modified at the time of purchase to add specific capabilities. In this case, the vertical clearance was adjusted to allow for mounting a 4th axis/rotary indexer (not included) and to provide a deeper working envelope for mold work. Specifically, the Z axis has been increased from 5" to 11" by unbolting the table assembly and re-bolting it lower down on the frame and then extending the range of the Z carriage vertical movement. These modifications could quickly be reversed.

    I'm offering it for sale due to some challenges with a personal disability as well as a desire to help out a family member. I would absolutely buy one again. There is no problem with it and it represents excellent value at CAD $8,800 firm, which represents a $4,000 saving below today's replacement delivered cost to Canada as broken down below. I did have to pay both GST and PST at customs because I’m not a business. Obviously, the same degree of savings would be less for a US purchaser due to the added taxes, shipping and brokerage fees paid going in and out of Canada.

    Detailed replacement cost info for an eastern Canada buyer is shown below. Pricing was pulled from the current Shopbot Buddy price list available online.

    Shopbot BT32 Standard “Buddy” USD $4,995
    Porter Cable Industrial Router 385
    6’ HD extension - PowerStick equivalent 1,445
    Shopbot Caster System 175
    Shopbot 3D Probe Scanner 395
    PartWorks & PartWorks 3D software (incl.)
    Custom Extended Z axis
    (for mold work and rotary indexer clearance) 350
    PC with Flat Screen Monitor & Windows 550
    Shipping (eastern US) 725
    Crating 275
    Shipping (to Canada extra) 400

    USD $9,695
    Exchange USD/CAD Oct,10 3:45pm
    (5:38 pm 15/10/08) 9,695 x 1.19139 = CAD $11,551
    Customs (GST & PST) @13% 1,502

    Total Replacement Cost CAD $13,053
    Firm Selling Price on this unit CAD $8,800

    SAVINGS (depending on exchange rate) CAD $4,253 +/-

    For those familiar with CNC routers it's well known that Shopbot has by far the best combination of tech support, rapid service and a very active and helpful on-line users forum. A great deal of information is available on this and all Shopbot models through the Shopbot web-site at www.shopbottools.com and their popular users forum at www.talkshopbot.com/forum/discus.cgi.
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    Have you sold this unit yet?

    Please let me know by e-mail minoke@gmail.com


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    Since the ad. for the BT32 is still up, I wondered if it was still available?
    A 'yes or no' to donathse@gmail.com would be appreciated.

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    Shopbot Buddy BT-32

    Do you still have the Shopbot Buddy BT-32 for sale?
    Could you e-mail me at tedwiebe@rogers.com

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    Shop Bot T32

    Is this item still for sale? Could you e-mail me? My e-mail is dc_cada@yahoo.ca

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    Shopbot Buddy 32 Sold

    Sorry everyone, I'd not been following the forum for some time. The smaller Shopbot is sold. Thanks for the interest.

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