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    Re: Home made granulators.

    Scooby, Many years ago a company made a "chipper/shredder" called a Roto-Hoe. It used a series of hammers(flails) to smash/pulverize/shred wood, plastic, glass, and even seeds, into smaller sizes
    by changing out the grate/screen. There were multiple "flails" separated by spacers rotating on several "shafts" - which were attached (almost like a barrel shape) which also spun at high speed
    by varying size gasoline motors. Attachment 361398 and Attachment 361400. By varying the number of; flails, shafts, and screen size, material could be
    greatly reduced - without the sharpening of knives and excessive maintenance. In fact most state highway departments in the U.S. have tractors with hydraulic arms to reach away from tractors
    for heavy-duty cutting-trimming-grinding of material found along highways. The flails aren't usually sharp, but, easy for operators to replace if needed. Might be an option for your consideration?

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    Re: Home made granulators.

    how about a big blender?

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