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IndustryArena Forum > Mechanical Engineering > Mechanical Calculations/Engineering Design > Need method to apply thread Lubricant (high volume assembly)
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    Need method to apply thread Lubricant (high volume assembly)

    I am looking for a good solution to apply thread lubricant to various hardware quickly and cleanly. Current process takes to long and often results in lubricant on hands which mark final product which can't be easily cleaned. I"m thinking almost a lubricant well to dip hardware then something to remove excess. Anything on the market like this, or am I just going to have to end up making my own? current process consists of laying out hardware, taking lube bottle with small tip to apply to individual bolts then rolling to ensure good 360 degree coverage, messy and time consuming. Lubricant viscosity can be varied based on application method needs.
    Any suggestions welcome.

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    Have you thought of using feltpads or cotton swabs that would bring the lubricant to the bolt thread?

    Best regards

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    A paintbrush

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    Try this

    What about an airbrush setup. Cheap to purchase, and accurate. This would probably work if your lubricant is thin enough.


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    What about a syringe ?

    with a foam pad glued around the stem , similar to a liquid boot polish applicator

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