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    Denford / Mach3 Help

    Hi guys I have posted this query in the turning section, but no takers, the mach3 side of the query I hope may be applicable to this forum..

    "Being new to Mach3 and turning in general (milling is my bread and butter) I am stuggling with a couple of things..

    Firstly I am writing programs and cutting parts ok but I have no control over the spindle. I use a manual knob on machine to control the revs.
    I have gone through the mach manual and got lost on PWM's step/direction options and i'm at a loss on what pin numbers etc to use.
    If anyone can point my in the right direction on how to complete the many menus that would be great.

    The next thing is, is it possible to adjust the settings of the lift open door switch to only disable the spindle and not the axis to help with tool setting, is this possible? (to enable me to traverse with door open).

    Lastly (for this post anyway) I was constantly losing my datum and i'm not sure why. If only one tool is being used am i right in saying that I can set part zero set in the main page and not worry about the touch tool method on the tooling page. If so when does this touch tool X&Z come into play?

    p.s, before i forget can anyone reccomend a good quick tool post change system i can use, getting really frustrated with current method! "

    Like I said I have posted these queries in the turning section, but if anyone can help with the mach queries that would be great..
    Any info would be appreciated.


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    Re: Denford / Mach3 Help


    I just saw your old post here. I'm looking at purchasing a Denford Startum 4 lathe. I'd like to run it with mach3. Did you find a good resource for information? Thank you.

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    Re: Denford / Mach3 Help

    I did a Denford Micro Turn a few years back. Running Mach3 I had to hack all the pin outs on the Denford board. I found the pin out somewhere on the net. May not be the same machine thou. It ran OK but like you I am more familiar with CNC
    milling than lathe CNC.

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    Re: Denford / Mach3 Help

    Thanks for the reply. Your response at least give me hope that it's possible. I'll keep digging.

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