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    Nov 2010

    Thumbs up hurco tm-8 &v23

    Is anyone posting g-code for hurco TM series lathe with v-23. I need some help? thanks

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    Some more info on your problem would help folks on here get some answers for you

    Do you have the Hurco Winmax software for your PC ???

    Is your control not the full conversational Max or Ultimax type ?? I have 2 Hurco CNC machines and I`ve never had to put a G code into them in the last 7 years

    The latest BobCAD Post Processor for the Hurco Lathe TM-8 can be downloaded from here:-

    BobCAD-CAM | CAD-CAM Software for CNC Machines including: Mill, Lathe, Wire EDM, Laser, Plasma, Waterjet, Routers and much more.


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    Nov 2010
    Rob my machine is full conversational, winmax controll i am a new to this and don't know alot about conversatoinal programing on the machine. I don't have Hurco winmax software on my pc? The problem I have is when I try to cut a thread the g-code looks good but on the machine it cuts double my minor dia, all my other dia's. are ok?

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    I'm with The Engine Guy. I have had my TMM8 for 2+ years and am just now playing with G-Code. Not because I have to, but just to have that tool in my toolbox. I have found nothing I could not do with the Hurco Conversational language. Threads especially have been easy, and almost always the first piece is right on. Don't know what is causing your issue without seeing the code, but I would try to get conversant (pun intended!) with the conversational language in the controller...very powerful.

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