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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > Gecko Drives > half-working G210 :(
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    half-working G210 :(

    Hello. Yesterday i connected my step motor to GeckoDrive G210 driver. G210 connected to PC through LPT port, common +5v coming from PC PSU.
    But motor rotates well only in one direction. In other direction motor rotation is very unstable and it stalls.

    If i connect G201 instead of G210 - everything works well. Is my G210 broken? It seems like G210 has wrong understanding of DIR signal

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    Make sure that your header option on the g210 is set for the proper common, which I believe is common 5v to match the g201.


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    Your problem is the parallel port outputs 3.3V signals while the G210 requires 5V signals. You will have to get a breakout board that buffers the signals to 5V levels.


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    Thats right, thanks. I connected 500 ohm resistor between DIR and +5v terminals and now it works ok!

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    It only seems to work. You cannot pull 3.3V outputs up to 5V. Measure the DC voltage with a multimeter; you will get 3.6 to 3.9V. The drive will be susceptible to missed steps. You really need to get a breakout board.


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    Re: half-working G210 :(

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