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    Quote Originally Posted by nwrepair1 View Post
    I think the attitude in Jack and the need to be defensive by Rams VP is an indication that we should avoid dealing with Rams. Why would you in effect shut off your phone line to customers? Too many complaint calls? Too many customers wanting to buy their software? Lets face the fact that once a software is created, endless copies can be sold for minimal cost, near zero.

    i know nothing about Rams software or policies nor do i care
    to be honest I wouldn't have given or offered anything without being faxed some sort of proof of purchase first . It's nothing personal against MasterDesigns but the first thing that crossed my mind was he bought a used router and the cd's came with , along with the original paperwork which showed date of purchase . the software is in a different state under a different company name and on a different computer , it doesn't sound good by any means .

    , I am sure MasterDesigns is honest and that wouldn't be the case , and it is unfortunate , but people pull that type of stuff all the time , and without proof of purchase who is in the right legally or morally
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    Hmm, Im wondering now about this. Jack said he 'Locked' the registration.
    MasterDesigns said he recovered his key off the crashed HD.
    Does this mean he can no longer run future versions of Rams?

    Just for saying he did'nt want to spend $395 to get his 'records' updated and a new key made, when the fee isent listed anywhere on rams website or terms of service? And the buyer was not made aware of during the initial sale of the software that it was non transferable to a new company name without fees?

    If so, that sounds like one of those muddy grey legal areas that lawyers love to waste peoples money on.

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    Wow, was about to pull the trigger on the Rams package but then found this thread. If Jack is this much of a prick towards an existing customer, why would a potential new customer buy anything from him? Good luck Jack.

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    I don't claim to know the in's and outs, but it seems to me that any software that requires that much effort (400$ worth) on the part of the vendor to just generate a key and update a database is pretty much a fail anyway. If the real issue is the legitimacy of the original license the appropriate response is to refuse a new key being issued until proof of purchase can be supplied, NOT to offer some kind of ransom for a license key. Being a dick about it too just seems like rubbing salt in the wound and really isn't called for in any professional environment.
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