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Thread: Cricut Hack

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    Cricut Hack

    Has anybody found a hack for the Cricut?

    My niece got one for Xmas. It's a bit of a ripoff in that they expect you to buy expensive new cartridges for different fonts and patterns. I found that you can cut vinyl with it and etch soft materials which is of interest to me.

    I found a second party software program called “Sure Cuts A Lot” which eliminates the need for these cartridges and makes user created items possible still even that is not cheap.

    Is there other perhaps an open source program which would work with this machine or a way to hack it to use it without restrictions?

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    There are some video's on YouTube you can check out.

    Sure Cuts A Lot is available from:


    Videos on "Sure Cuts A Lot" -
    Wayne Hill

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    If it is not to late to return the Cricut, there is a device called the CraftRobo made by Graphtec that is nearly the same in terms of function (your basic X/Y plotter cutter) but plugs directly into your computer (PC/MAC) via USB. It comes with software, but also has plugins that make it work with standard packages like Adobe Illustrator. The UI needs some work, but you don't need to buy a $50 cartridge to try a new font. The CraftRobo is also less expensive up front. I wrote a post featuring videos of it in action and some more info:




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    Progam that cuts SVG file on cricut.

    There is a program you can buy for $75 or less called "sure cuts a lot". It will cut SVG graphics files on the cricut.

    I use it to cut solder paste stencils for PCB.

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    There's another program that let's you take control over the Cricut besides "Sure Cuts Alot" called "Make the Cut" that's more windows vista and 7 compliant. I've used both and each has good and bad points. I like MTC for bring in jpeg art. It has some feature that make it easier to make a "GOOD" cut file. Plus it allows you to back up designs on all "cricut cartridges" to your hard disk so you won't need it to cut plus you'll have a backup if the electronics in cartridge fail. Provo probably doesn't like that but we do.

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    Just a FYI for anyone with one of these machines or considering purchasing one of these machines.

    Provocraft, the maker of this machine which I used to recommend as a decent cheap cutting solution for the little guy has recently started playing dirty and play bully against small developers (Make the Cut is a personal project of a very nice and everyday normal couple).

    They have sued and won their case against the creator of make the cut and he has been forced to remove all cricut support and functionality of any type relating to the cricut or any provocraft cutter.

    So if you have an old version of MTC, my advice is don't upgrade it or even better spread the word regarding Provocraft and their poor behavior in this matter.

    MTC was forced to remove support simply because they cannot afford (obviously) to fight the company provocraft. This is truely a case of a large company "Suing you because we know you'll comply because you cannot afford to fight us and we know it"

    Apparently cricut is attempting to claim rights to what you can cut with your machine after you have purchased it.

    Unfortunately they have now begun the same process with Sure cuts Alot. Whom while slightly larger will no doubt have the funding to fight provocraft either. They are no doubt simply aware of this fact.

    Apparently Provocraft have decided for you that you will buy their pre-selected graphics cartridges at 60-110 bucks a pop and nothing else. And while they do offer their studio software it is poorly lacking in comparison to MTC or SCAL. Oh, did I also mention their software has zero import ability of any kind other than reading graphics from their premade cartridges. Yes you can save your layout in their "custom" file format, which can only of course handle graphics loaded from their overpriced carts.

    So if you are a new buyer, consider purchasing a machine from a reputable company that doesn't simply bully everyone out of their percieved market thinking this will increase their sales.

    I would be very surprised if they don't find the extreme opposite. In this day and age the net and word of mouth is a global watercooler.

    Spread the word.

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    The circut people are nasty. I have two of them!

    On the other hand "Make the Cut" is a great program. The programer, Andy, has put a lot of time into it and it keeps getting better.

    With the last version that supports Cricut I can just import an image of the solder mask from Eagle and MTC converts it to a useable format. A few clicks and I am cutting the stencil.

    Andy has also released a program for cutting jigsaw puzzles. It creates a cut pattern that can be imported into MTC. So we can use it with our non updated software.

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    @asenna sorry for bumping this old thread. What do you think about the maker is it worth it's price?

    I have many fears about the cameo. First of all it's a lot of of money plus I am known for my shiny object syndrome. How did you guys manage that. The machine can do so many things how do you stop at vinyl and not jump on scoring papers and such.

    My second issue would be that I can't find a half decent review site. Everybody is hyping and don't understand why.

    Luckily I've found this blog that tells the truth. To be honest she is blunt. Are the accusation on this blog true? This cricut maker vs cameo looks a bit dramatic. Has the software been fixed or it only works online.

    On another forum people mentioned that cricut has a horrible customer support what was your experience with it?
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