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    Hurco Fet Servo amps

    I'm replacing the controller on my SM-1. I'm down to the amps I have figured our the wires that were used on J8, J9 and J10 connectors does anyone have the info on the two unused pins of these connectors and the info on J16.

    Any info on the LEDs on the front of the Axis cards?

    Amp # 002-1690-001


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    Any one have any ideal how Hurco disabled the amps other than kill the dc power and waiting on the Cap to bleed down? I first thought that J16 with two wires come off the up left side of the backplane was it but the white wire is ground potional and the blue is 10 volts short it to the white wire and it kills the amps for about 2 seconds and then the amp re-enable.


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