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IndustryArena Forum > Events, Product Announcements Etc > Want To Buy...Need help! > Does Anyone Make Hobby Precision Worm Gears?
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    Does Anyone Make Hobby Precision Worm Gears?

    Does anyone on CNC Zone happen to make precision Worm Gears in 4" and 6" sizes for standard off the shelf worms or can also make the matching worms. Materials of interest are bronze or aluminum with 180 or 360 teeth.

    I am interested in purchasing 1 or 2 pieces for testing.

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    Edward R Byers Co in Barstow, Ca makes worm gears for telescope drives. These would be fairly fine pitch in high tooth numbers intended for one revolution per day but if you can contact them, they may make anything custom.
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    Yes I am aware of Byers however they are priced well out my budget for what I want to do. I am hoping to find someone that has precision equipment to make these in their small shop versus going with a large company.

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    small worm gears

    Try Stock Drive Products at 516-328-3300

    web www.sdp-si.com

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    You might check out "Small Parts Inc."


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