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    Re: Anyone else use EZ-Cam?

    If a customer wishes to run previous versions, with an upgraded key, they have the opportunity to do so. The key is backward compatible. Simply uninstall the latest revision and install the earlier version. However, the earlier version has to be compatible with the Windows operating system you are running. If a customer's temporary codes expire, due to an extended delay in shipping a replaced key, we will extend the temporary codes in good faith and issue permanent codes once the key is received. An email notification has been issued to this customer and a reply was received back--acknowledging its receipt. If a reader has any concerns it is recommended that they contact EZ-CAM direct.

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    Re: Anyone else use EZ-Cam?

    Hello Mr. Reeg & Mr. Lalashius,

    Please take this discussion offline [continue it through private messages or, even better, through your personal email accounts].
    CNCZone is a forum to discuss products, technologies as well as exchange information.

    It is not an appropriate venue for this exchange.

    Thank you for your assistance and attention to this matter.

    M. Shuwal

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