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    Angry MB1 - Overshooting Y home position

    I am all of a sudden having problems with MB1 overshooting Y zero. Does anyone know how to fix this?
    X and Z home out just fine but when the Y moves home it moves past it and triggers an emergency stop.

    Just a guess but I think the limit switch is shot.
    Does anyone know how to replace one of these?

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    Yep. Take off the sheet panel under the rear cabinet. In the space inside, the switches are on the right hand side and are actuated by the rod attatched to the back of the saddle. Check the switch is within 1mm of the actuator when it is at full stroke. If it is, then it's probably shot. You'll need a Honeywell 101xk5 or equivalent to swap it with. When you've changed / reset it, table zero the machine and aim to have -1.1" from zero to switch actuation when jogged -ve. Adjust as necessary.

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    Thanks Bloke, I will give this a try.
    You wouldnt happen to have some photos of this you could post do you?

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