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IndustryArena Forum > Metalworking Machines > Fadal > 5 Axis probing on 88hs -4 system
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    5 Axis probing on 88hs -4 system

    We have a job coming up that requires 5 axis probing capabilites. Who has done this successfully on their fadal and what parts/programs did you need to complete this? 1994 6030 88hs-4 system with 5 axis
    We have had good luck with our Fadals milling mostly soft steel and aluminum up to 5 axis. We are always looking for spare parts If you have a broken down Fadal give a shout.

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    For 5 axis probing there is one company that is awesome. M&H Probing Systems. We have had very good results with their 3D-Form Inspect software. They have a website but the address escapes me. You can probably google it. Their phone # for North America is 905-332-5378. Please make this call...You wont be sorry.


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    We will be able to write custom macros that will support your needs of 5 axis probing as this is our specialty. Even if you have just some questions feel free to call and we can point you in the right direction.


    Advanced Probe Technologies
    Phone: 253-848-0923
    Fax: 253-799-9140
    Web: www.Advprobetech.com

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