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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > Rutex Products > Using 3 phase with the Motherboard?
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    Using 3 phase with the Motherboard?

    I have a 3-phase power supply, and I was planning to run the servodrives and servos on one phase, the spindle and cooling on the second and the computer on the third.
    But it hit me, does it work with the Rutex 990 motherboard, or will the phases interfere and cause trouble?

    I did send the question at the Yahoo list and I'm not sure the question got sent to the members at all...

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    Re: Using 3 phase with the Motherboard?

    Seems like a stalking site to me. it consists of only one page with virtually no words at all. They need to consider the services of term paper help online Australia even if it is to obtain some filler content. The presentation needs some work.

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