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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > Vectric > How can I make v-carved letters look more hand carved?
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    How can I make v-carved letters look more hand carved?


    I'm trying to v-carve signs to make the text look hand cut, like in stone.

    I use Rhino and vCarve as CAM. Both programs go too deep where the strokes of a letter unite and the vectors widen (see the 'p' in Picture 173). To get that hand cut look, I've had to break the vectors for my letter apart, essentially separating the multiple strokes of each letter (pictures 172 & 170).

    Does anyone know of CAM software that might automatically identify these areas? Or include specially designed fonts/ toolpaths to look more hand cut?

    Thank you!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Picture 170.jpg   Picture 173.jpg   Picture 172.jpg  

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    image name correction


    Picture 170 shows my problem, without any adjustments to the default settings.

    Pictures 173 and 172 show the look I'm after.

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    I don't know about a program, but you could try putting notches in the cutting tool with a file, just be sure to notch both flutes at the same level. Use old bits that cut roughly now.

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    Don't know if this is still supported,
    CASmate Pro by SCANVEC
    I've used it for engraving raised and sunk lettering, using "D" bits, ground to a defined angle, about 10 years ago.

    If a gap is narrow, the tool is raised to allow it to cut thru the gap,
    A radius smaller than the tool, or a sharp corner, tool comes into the corner, rides up the corner along the tool angle ( 3D move ), to form the angle , goes back down and comtinues on.

    It is a graphics design tool for signwriters, and has a "post" to enable the engraving feature

    In a search, I read that these may also work the way you want
    -CAXA engraving software
    --ARTCAM art embossing software
    -Type3 engraving software
    -artcut software
    -and Pro-E, Master CAM, UG mold software.

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