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    Solid Works and how it exports to cam programs

    hi, I am new to SL but I have some experience modeling with autodesk inventor , and programming with mastercamx ,most of the time while drawing in mastercam design, realizing that I can design on sw or inventor its a lot better I have this question:which one is better software to export to mastercamx, or better to you sw experts who have experience exporting sw files to mx , what kind of advice can you give on the subject,and if you remmember problems or issues related to creating surfaces and wireframe ,aswell as toolpaths out of the solid works model, i would be very thankful if you share your tips,sorry if this post seem to belong to mcam forum but , I need to know sw
    experts insight, thank you for your help.

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    You're worrying too much. There are no problems. Solidworks files can be read straight into Mastercam X or later with the SW add-on (if using similar year software). Even if they aren't the same year, you can seamlessly import Step files (.STP). I've had zero problems with .STP but you could dumb it down to IGES if you ever encounter a problem.

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