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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > Servo Motors / Drives > Changing Fanuc AC servo driver and motor for a regular VFD and async motor
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    Changing Fanuc AC servo driver and motor for a regular VFD and async motor

    I have problems whit my AC spindle servo driver from Fanuc (A06B-6044-H016) first get alarm 2 "speed is deviated from the command value due to overload and others" but now it come on error 12 "DC link current is flow excessively) when we try to start the spindle, so I need to send the driver to the US to repair, exchange or buy other.
    Problem #1, repair, exchange or buy a new/used one, cost are over 6.000$ (I live in Bolivia South America, shipping is more than 1.500$ usd one way).
    Solution, buy a VFD locally, 1st option is the ABB ACS350 22KW, but Problem #2 The fanuc motor is 220v 3ph, here we use 380v 3ph, 60Hz, so I need to change the motor, for an asynchronous motor (ABB 22KW 380V 3ph 60Hz, general use). Comunication betwen the fanuc system 11 and the VFD its possible. Total cost less than 3.500$ USD.
    Question, why I shouldn't do that, or if I going for the rigth way, what cares i should to take. or any other idea to resolve my problem?
    Any Help will be welcome
    My machine a Nakamura Tome Slant 3Bx, control Fanut 11TT w/FAPT buyed on the USA. Work for one year without problems.

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    Ah the dreaded #12 fault!
    Usually shorted IGBT's.
    Is it possible to source a second hand/reconditioned unit?
    You will need a bit engineering in order to interface it and also you may not get the kind of control you had with the Fanuc, these are generally fitted with a pulse generator for precise speed control.
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    Hi Al_The _Man, yes the error #12, but I think the transistors are fine, or I measured in a wrong way ¿?. Any way, we can get a used A06B-6044-H017, a little big than the original, the vendor tell me that it work just need to change the eprom on the control PCB, but it cost 3.300$ + S&H 1.800$ + local impor tax 1.530$ = 6.630, ABB VFD 2.400 + 30HP motor 1.350 =3.750$, but I still need to get the pin conection diagram from FANUC, do you know where to get that?.

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    for maintenance manual ac spindle servo drive unit catch the link
    Deposit Files

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    we have these new old stock:

    GE Fanuc 2pc 06B-6050-H102 FANUC DRIVE
    GE Fanuc 1pc 06B-6050-H102 FANUC DRIVE TG LITE ON

    will any of these work for you? I know nothing about fanuc. we will sell to you for 1/2 the one u found if it will help u?

    email us if interested: sales@KilroyWasHere.com

    as for the abb choice question: does the abb drive accept encoder fdback? does the new abb motor have tach or encoder feedback? if not, then why buy a new motor?? just run the present asynchronous fanuc motor with a new vfd drive? w/o fdback, its speed will slip under load about 50rpm, but does anyone care? if rigid tapping done or tool changer (spindle orient) required, you cannot do this as u will need enc feedback.... but just making sure u know the choices....

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