For those that don't know, it is a USB driven device that has 55 points of IO, that can be configured for: Digital Inputs or Outputs, Encoder/mpg (7 max in Mach3), 4 Analog in (10bit), 1 Analog out (10bit and tied to Spindle Speed as an optional output on Pin43), PWM output, Keymapping and custom macros.

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Just so you know, the PoKeys can be used with anything that can talk to USB, so if you have other CNC systems or other Apps that need IO, then they also publish an SDK, and a "PoKeys.dll" for those that just want to talk to a COM object in VB or the like.......

Post #12 has the download

I added the Option that you can have Analog Spindle Speed control OUT, (10bit res, 0-1023), on Pin43. The UserLEDs for mapping discreate inputs/outputs
are all working as well. Finished up the Flash Help screen that has a copy of the Users manual in it.

PoKeys.set screen has On/Off control of 55 UserLEDs, (you can only turn on/off the ones you choose as outputs, since the ones you choose for inputs are always updated by the PoKeys). It has a Display for the Value of 1-4 Analog In, and the optional Analog Out that is tied to the DRO99 of the spindle.
you have all 7 of the Encoder DROs on screen for your use as well.

Thanks goes out also to "Matt", of Pokeys who helped me get the Protocol formatted to map out an Analog out for the spindle.
Note: We found a "Bug" in the hardware that Boris will be putting on his website, BUT, if you have Pin4 as an input, and it is grounded when the PoKeys is
plugged into the USB, (or the computer boots up with it plugged in), then the PoKeys will not boot up!!! So watch out for that.

NOTE: When you use the Plugin Control to configure the dialog window to set up your PoKeys in Mach3, (after you enable the plugin), you will HAVE TO Boot up Mach3 WITHOUT the PoKeys hooked up, make your config, close mach, plugin the PoKeys, then reboot mach. That is because the Monitor window also constantly updates via the PoKeys, and you cannot make changes to it while it is updating.

This is the first release, so if (and when?), you find a Bug (Undocumented feature), let me know, and I will try and squish it.