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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Benchtop Machines > Has Anyone used G540 to control spindle speed on the X2?
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    Has Anyone used G540 to control spindle speed on the X2?

    Trying to figure out the wiring

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    You hoping to turn it on and off or control the RPM? If you hope to control the RPM I believe you will first have to setup an encoder on the spindle to get feedback to your computer.
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    I would like to do both. I thought mach3 will vary the speed once the min and max are input. Not as accurate as an encoder but should be close enough. I'm just interested in what to wire where to get started.

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    Interesting. I had picked up a relay to turn the spindle on and off but hadn't put any thought into letting mach3 control the RPM.
    Watching the thread for now.

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    Re: Has Anyone used G540 to control spindle speed on the X2?

    Did you ever get a wiring diagram for this?


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    Re: Has Anyone used G540 to control spindle speed on the X2?

    I looked into this some time back for a G0704 and finally gave up after not finding anything that worked at that time but since then there have been a few other options I've seen. Maybe you'll have better luck. If you change your motor and add a VFD, it's a fairly simple process and you can control on, off and rpm through the gcode or mach3/uccnc via screen buttons or basic mdi entry. I've never really looked into it very thoroughly, but one other possible option is that some breakout boards like the C11GS and others have analog connections to replace a potentiometer for DC motor speed control if the pot is 12v or less. (The X2 is 5v I believe). (you'll have to go to the CNC4PC website and get the manual to see the specifics). While this won't give and direct feedback allowing you to set a specific rpm, it does provide the ability to fine tune based on your specific hardware/dc voltages. Not sure of all the possibilities but might be worth investigating.
    You might find this thread interesting... https://en.industryarena.com/forum/s...l--211454.html

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