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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > Visual Mill > VisualMill is now integrated and parametric with SolidWorks
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    VisualMill is now integrated and parametric with SolidWorks


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    Sep 2008
    hey Darebee

    we're just a few miles to the west of you.

    downloaded VM6 for SW demo at the start of this week - good software - easy to learn (so far) - GREAT PRICE!!! the support is great - these guys will bend over backwards for you
    i think we're going to purchase it. should make our Arrow 500 sing.

    do you or have you used Visualturn?
    looking for CAM for our Romi-Bridgeport.


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    Jan 2004
    I have VERY briefly looked at VT for 1 special project, but life is busy, job was rush and I carried on doing it the more time consuming/difficult way (in this case) because I didn't have time to learn the software test machine com and run code tests.
    My lathe is conversational and programs blazing fast for most "normal" jobs so I have not looked at the software again.

    I am a VM Pro guy and will likely stick with it over the SW integrated due to some added versatility of stand alone and the type of work we do.
    I do have the SW part loader (or whatever that add-on is called).
    I also would never get the non-pro product. I use the Pro features more than enough to justify them and would likely freak if you took them away from me.

    Yes, MecSoft is very friendly and personable.

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    I tried it but nothing works good for me
    I believe the best to work with is visual mill standalone

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    Darebee, have you heard anything about Visual's 5 axis stuff? I'm in the process of an upgrade and I've asked over there [in the forum] but never heard anything back. I like their pricing compared to other programs I've looked at but need more info and have been leary of directly contacting them due to .. well we all know how CAM companies chase sales

    I'll have to test out their demo at some point when I have time..

    Btw, have you heard anything [rumors] as to if they plan to bring HSM into the fold?

    Thanks !
    The more I know... the more I realize I don't
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