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    Exclamation Buying a laser from China

    Hello everybody I decided to buy a laser engraver from China, but were is so many distributors out there, could any one help to decide which one to choose ?
    I'm interested in 600*900mm or 900*1200mm laser, 60 or 80w. I communicated with FUNGSUN, JCUT, RABBIT and MORN. If anybody has anything to say about these distributors I'll be waiting. I think this information would be useful for many, who are thinking to buy laser from China

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    I've had communication with JCUT and Rabbit (hxlaser), they both seemed to be professional and offer a good product. I haven't dealt with the others.

    Just make sure you carefully read the forum and understand what to expect from importing a machine, especially customs requirements (CE) and additional charges.

    Mike's thread here http://www.cnczone.com/forums/showthread.php?t=81241 is worth reading over (twice) if you haven't already.

    You may want to PM Litografa to see if there are any local options rather than importing.


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    We are selling only one model from China - NdYag 50 Wt from YM Laser. I was happy with quality and equipment price BUT afterwarranty price for spareparts put me in madness So now we are thinking about canceling all our relationships with Chinese manufacturers of laser equipment.
    I am dealer - intermediate part between customer and manufacturer. My first priority as equipment reseller is provide immediate service to customer in case of problem. In our office we have EVERYTHING we need for repair all models of GCC laser we sell. Within Lithuania we fix any problem in 24 hours. Prices for spareparts are reasonable.
    IMHO with chinese equipment is impossible offer good price and good service for customers. If you are purchasing equipment direct from China at least you have good price and expect some possible problems with service. May be in USA situation is different due market size.
    Another problem of being dealer for Chinese equipment - lack of loyalty from Chinese partner.
    So, my LT brother buy GCC from me and be happy :cheers:

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    Thx for replays I think I will choose a rabbit laser, becouse of the price 6090- 3200, and JCUT 6090 -4800, I know that rabbit's laser tubes works only 1000-1500 hours, but I think that would be cheaper. As I read here almost everybody a happy using and purchasing rabbit laser. If I missed something, please write here for me and others to know

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    Hello VBLietuva,

    do you have ask at Litografa whats the price is for the GCC laser?
    I think that he makes you a good price for the GCC laser.

    He gives always good advice....


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