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    Re: Ultimax II Memory board batteries

    hello Skullworks,
    I think I have memory problems like I am getting alarm screw map checksum failed or erased . I have 1984 kM3P with Ultimax 2 how could I get it done . what do you suggest . please help. you can mail me on spectrum.valves at yahoo dot com.

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    Re: Ultimax II Memory board batteries

    I am not an expert on these machines. I do own a 87 KM3 which was a MAX II and a 91 KM3P which was upgraded to a MAX32 before I obtained it. That said, I try to collect as much info as I can to allow me to support my own machines.

    If your mem board has the Dallas memory chips installed then you will need to get the board modified to add batteries and the Dallas chips replaced with SRAM. I was under the impression that the older MAX II machines used DIP switches or jumpers to define backlash, but honestly I really don't know.

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