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    Question "J" head type "millport"(tiwan,1980) clutch

    the high/low speed clutch lever, is there an ajustment to rase the pully /clutch assy?I just got this mill at my house, one of those "refurbished" mills.whatever refurbished is. it has been setting for a few years,never usedor even wired up,since being"refurbished" IT had fallen over in the truck that was delevering it. bent handles,minor bend in the lead screw where handle goes on no problem,I got that straight easy .the freight co paid for another one.so I bought this one. the lead screws had ben changed,cleaned painted,ways epoxied ,yes I said epoxied.& other crap.well after working on it for a few days I finley wired it up.it actuly runs!!! but the spindel pully is rubbing the big timing gear kinda hard in a few places&noisey.if I push the clutch lever a little to rase the assy it stops. I figured I would just make a new stop.wrong!! with the assy to low it wont fully disengauge the clutch to go into low gear,it grinds like hell.(this is a step pully head).I can pull up the assy so it works properly with temp shims under the cam assy.so my question is ,is there an ajustment for this? can I take out the "cam pins" and tighten or screw down that peice that the pins go into ?that would raise the assy& cure the problem. or is it non ajustable already down tight? if so I can make a shim or two to raise the cam assy up from the houseing to accomplish the same thing. I already have to much money tied up into this peice as it is. I looked like just the handles were bent.well the main problems are the refurbishing in a paint can people that scamed the plase that I bought it from.thet evean told them that millport was an off brand econo bridgeport. thanks for any help. I can make just about any thing, but I just dont know everything!!!:withstupi or is that me in the mirrior???

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    greatings to all!!! I am new to this site ,just found it yesterday,been a machinest for over half my life,automotive,racing,cnc, I am now sort of retired(disabled) cant do much, but cant stop brain so I tinker,& make parts for my cars,brackets,rocker arms,tooling to rework cylinder heads,most any thing.most of my materals are "recycled"parts. a bigblock chevy camshaft is a nice peice of cast Iron,so I make adapters/bushings,drivers etc. cut the skirt off some forged pistons & you have a nice peice of aluminum to make jigs,light duty fly cutters,bushings,etc. cut up an old exersize machine and make an 4 way tilt/rotate table to mount my car's( VW bug 2332cc street car) cylinder heads on the mill so now it's a seat&guide machine that ajust to any angle I might need to install new bigger valve seats. as you can see from above I got a "refurbished" (paint bondo,jb weld etc.)tiwan "bridgeport" and boy did I get it. its a real peace. it is replacing my 1975 enco mill/drill/seat&guide machine.in neer new condition.at my house.any help would be very greatlybe aprecheated. sorry my spellen's not real good,I am a product of the florida edgejumacation sistem.witch is not realy that bad it's only about #47th in the nation, the hole nation!!! I dont know it that includes guam & portorico or the US virgin islands. so were right there neer the top!!!or is that the bottom?? ow well I'm not stupid or defevtive,just no real reason to spell corectly.+eyes arn't as good at this age as they were,& fingers have a mind of thier own most of the time when typing,(they dont see as good as I do) have a great week!!! come to north west FL for vacation the beaches are great!!!powderey white sand,not hard pack brown dirt like the other coast. destin FL ,the worlds luckest little fishing village. a very big fishing fleet(charter) actuly it's a drinking town that has a small fishing problem!! I'm not far from there just a few bridges.& I dont drink or fish.go figure.

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