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    Inspection sheet

    anybody got an inspection sheet they'd like to share?
    I need to create some to use in the shop Im at and I'd like to get a little head-start on the basic format that some of you might be using.
    Im a novice with MS-word, so maybe theres someplace online I can get some templates for something like this?

    I just want something simple, a few dimensions checked on each first-piece and some space for diagrams and comments, then periodic checks of every 5 or 10 parts.

    Thanks up-front for any help you feel like giving

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    mail to me at ssuebsak@yahoo.com

    I'm not sure what I have, you can use it.

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    Use Excell and make a collum deal with the side being the print dimensions and top being each part number. Where the print dimension row meets the part number collum, thats where you record the ACTUAL measurement. Very simple to do. Make a title bar at the top with the part number, date, and the machinist name doing the job so you can trace his work back if he screws up.
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    Have attached a word doc similar to our current layout
    Info required depends upon how serious you want to carry out inspections and to implement quality standards

    fields used and why
    >Sheet/Grid ref.............where to find the dimension
    >Dwg Spec..................what is the dimension
    >Upper Size.................maximum size of Dwg Spec
    >Lower Size.................minimum size of Dwg Spec
    >Actual measured size...
    >Instrument used.........trace back, calibration history, etc
    >Stamp if OK...............person inspecting stamps if feature passed as OK

    -Upper and Lower size is written in full decimal size, no mis-interpretations, no H7j6, no ±, the limits are stated in black and white.
    -The stamp is not able to identify any person outside of your business
    -a stamp for each item needing inspection
    -each item may not be finished at the same time, lathe operator would inspect his part, mills, then CMM if required

    A final line on the sheet for final stamp-off to verify all previous items are stamped OK, and the part can then proceed to the next stage ( normally delivery )

    Inspection template.doc

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    I use this file for our part inspection ship to customer.

    See if you can modify and use it.

    The one that lost in this file is the drawing picture that we create the number relate to dimension shown in drawing.

    Hope it clear.
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