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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > Mazak, Mitsubishi, Mazatrol > My T32-B has lost its mind...or at least its parameters.
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    My T32-B has lost its mind...or at least its parameters.

    The bad news.

    My T32-B battery died. Whne I replaced it the machine came back on pronto but no longer functions. It kicks up a series of alarms emding with 044-Parameter error. I got out my manuals and looked at the machine parameters and compared them to the written parameters I have from Mazak. Whoosh they are no longer there. Everything is now zeros. The errors it kicks up are as follows in the order they appear.

    442 data renewal not allowed
    218 chcking type not selected
    204 spindle controller malfunction
    044 parameter error

    The almost ok news.

    I do have all my parameters that the machine shipped with from mazak in hand.

    The question.

    How the hell do you get them back into the machine?

    Thank you in advance for any and all help!!!!

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    Re-initializing of the control

    Hi there;

    Did you follow Mazak Re-inialization procedures? In most cases after replacing batteries you have to re-inialize the control. Then you punch the parameters that came with the machine. Nice if you had them backed up on disk.
    Do you have the procedures? If not I have them, or you can also contact either Mazak or Mitsubishi for them.

    e-mail: mtsslrg@peoplepc.com

    MTSS Service

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    I do not have the re initialization process. Can I get it from you? My mazak service center is less than user frienly for anything older than a T/M plus series control.

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    Parameters that shipped with the machine should be on the EEPROM. You have to go into privilege mode and read the parameters from the EEPROM. After that, format memory...all areas!

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    How do you get to the privilege mode?

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    Your best bet is to contact Mitsubishi. They can either e-mail or fax you the procedure. Too many steps to list here on the forum to get the parameters loaded and format the control.
    Mitsubishi - 847-478-2500

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    I have the procedure that I have used for T32B. If you PM me with your email address I'll send it to you.

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    Thank you for all the help

    Id like to thank everyone who responded to my post. Its nice to know there is a group of people in the world that are willing to lend their time and experiance to help out. Id especially like to thank Larry from MTSS, he emailed me with some info, then followed up with a couple of short phone calls and I am back up and running perfectly. I would reccomend him to anyone I know who is in need of Mazak help.



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    Oct 2019
    Good day! I have a machine Mazak VTC-20B with Mazatrol M plus.It is a very good machine. But 20 days ago, the CNC rack stopped turning on.
    We called the master. He removed the control power supply board QX084 and took it for the repair.
    One week passed and we returned the board to the machine. The CNC rack has started to run.
    But I see a bus error. Picture attached.
    I started to look for information on the forums and found out that I needed to reinitialize Mazak. But I have no instructions for this. I have only the cassette with options mazatrol m plus.
    Could you, please, help me? I will be very grateful.

    LED List of Each PCB
    QX084: LED1 - ON (GREEN), LED2 - OFF, LED3 - OFF.
    QX141: LED1 - ON (GREEN), LED2 - ON (RED).
    QX722: LED1 - ON (RED), LED2 - ON (GREEN).
    QX521: SD - OFF, RD - ON (GREEN), FBAL1 - OFF, FBAL2 - OFF.

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