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    Ver 20 users???

    Anyone using ver 20? How easy is it to learn, indexable 4th axis etc??

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    Cool I've got it...

    I have it, been using it since the day it came out. I like it alot, they have really listened to the community and came out with the best 'new version' upgrade so far.

    The axis indexing is no problem, they've got it covered.
    When it comes to learning it...it looks like about the easiest and most explanitory manual they have produced. They also include a 'training professor' cd-rom with very excellent animated examples that show all the new functions and exactly how they work. Its a 9.5 in my opinion!
    Its definitly worth the money and with the speed and simplicity will pay itself off really fast.

    They best way to learn BobCAD, if you can afford it, is to attend one of Sorin's nationwide training seminars. I went to one and learned alot more than I thought I ever would about BobCAD.

    got any more questions, i'd be glad to tell ya, later

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