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    Tornado 300 Duplomatic Turret


    We have a Colchester Tornado 300 with a 12 Tool Duplomatic Turret, with Fanuc O-T B.

    It was running fine until last week.
    The turret continued past it's designated tool, clicking as if the pin hadn't fired enough and flagged a "Turret overheat, turret unclamped, turret solenoid, 401 servo alarm"

    We managed to get it going by backing off the solenoid capscrews, so the solenoid was sticking out by a few millimeteres. This got us away enough to complete the job.

    We took the solenoid out and dismantled it, noticed that the insluation was a bit wet/slimey.

    We've since replaced the solenoid with a brand new one, but are getting "1019 turret solenoid" errors.

    If we back the solenoid off the turret rotates and locks in.
    Is this a problem with the locking pin sensor?

    Need this sorted asap, got a lot of work for this machine and can't wait for an engineer to "fit me in" in a few weeks time..... HELP!


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    hi yarpo , you can try this.
    Remove the round duplomatic cover from turret ,
    in MDI mode command atool change ,
    with the solenoid in place ,,
    Using a screwdriver you must help the solenoid to lock in the right position , by pushing that locking pin
    If you can do these several times then i will suspect you have a lack of voltage-current
    from solenoid switching device ,

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    Thanks for the prompt reply cncatj..

    I checked the voltage across the solenoid and I'm only getting 20volts, looks like this could be the problem.

    Thanks again!

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    you have found the cause
    Yarpo : How does your output pCB looks like ?

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    Traced the fault back to the PCB. IC-1. It is constantly outputting 24v.
    IC-1 also operates the chuck, but that is working fine.
    Looks like we'll have to de-solder IC-1 and try and replace it, or buy a new PCB (expensive option!)

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    Re: Tornado 300 Duplomatic Turret

    Hola tengo un torno Clausing Colchester STORM CNC 300, con fallas en el cambio de herramientas en la torreta DUPLOMATIC BSA200/ Series 20. Hace algunos cambios con pero después de 10 cambios de herramientas este falla, no bloquea la torreta. Ya seguí el procedimiento de ajuste pero aún a si sigue la falla la torreta tiene exceso de vibración al hacer el cambió, cuenta con 2 amortiguadores hidráulicos que no he cambiado, por qué no los encuentro. Me podrían apoyar un poco con esta falla?.

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