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    Exclamation Did Mori Seiki Buy Hitachi Seiki?

    Just wondering, did Mori Seiki buy Hitachi Seiki? If so, do they service them also? Offer replacement parts? We have 3 Hitachi HiTEC-Turn20SII lathes, 5 HiCELL23 MillTurns and 2 SuperHiCELL's at work and apparently no where to get parts for them... If there's anyone that can shed some light on this it would be greatly appreciated!

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    Yes, Mori Seiki took over the line a few years ago. To get parts, you need to go thru the Mori distributor, Ellison Technologies.
    Their parts hub would be able to identify any parts you may need. parts@ellisontechnologies.com

    Ellison also provides service for the Hitachi's, though there documentation is limited. As a matter of fact, they don't have any documentation on the American made Hitachi's. They have a different designation in the serial number, like AL or something like that.
    Shoot me an e-mail if you need more info.

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    Mori didn't really buy them out, they went bankrupt and the distributers of Hitachi new all about it months before it happpened. Mori and Hitachi used the same bank, so they were asked to take it over. Hitachi did a LOT of strange stuff, with electronics etc, so it's not always easy to get parts. The Mori distributors will service them, but most are lacking in talent for the Hitachi's. No Ca. office has some ex Sellway guys that are good on them. The rest of the techs got no 0 nada training at all on the Hitachi stuff and was told its just another spindle you can fix it. There are however some very good independants that work on Hitachi accross the country. My guess is Okuma is next, they almost didn't survive the last go around.

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    That sucks to hear about Okuma. We have several of their mills... Thanks for the info on service and parts. That'll definatley go in my Roladex!

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    Give this company a try, I personally went there and they have quite the inventory.

    This is from thier web site:


    "CyberCNC purchased the inventory of Hitachi Seiki USA, Inc.'s spare parts and tooling after their USA bankruptcy. With over 8,000 part number listings in our stock, and our many ties to international resources as well, we may be able to ship your order on the same day we receive it."

    Cyber CNC MachinerySales, Inc.
    S86 W22400 Edgewood Avenue
    Big Bend, WI
    (262) 662-1100

    I hope this helps you.


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    You may be right on Okuma. They closed the NY metro offices and now everything is done from Ct.

    Mori bought what as left of Hitachi. As with many such situations, much of Hitachi's proprietary information got scuttled. It's not hopeless, but it means that servicing a Hitachi will be a bit more challenging.

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    If Okuma goes there will be alot of people stuck up that proverbial creak lacking the paddle. :tired:

    At least some of the Hitachi's were Fanuc based so except for model specific parts those machines can find support... Just be sure you have backups of your ladder and parameters.

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