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    What are post processors?

    Hello guys,

    Our company developes software for window and doors industry for aluminum, upvc and wood profiles. (This is not a commercial topic). Since we have started to sell our world wide we encounter very offen questions from potential customers that ask about "post processors".

    Until now we have implemented CNC for the following machines:
    Elumatec: E255/A, E555/1
    Rotox: ZGS 314
    Kaban: 1030, 1040 (InfoSys 2.0)
    Pertici: 500F2K
    Techna: TK145/10 Gold
    Sturtz: 4HSM_JC, 4VSM_JC

    My question is can some one explain to me what is/are prost processors? Is it some kind of standard for advanced CNC machines?

    Thank you.

    Marius Mihalca
    Pyramid Software
    Email: marius.mihalca@pyramid.ro
    Phone: +40 21 321.75.54
    Fax: +40 31 805.48.62
    Website: www.raworkshop.com

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    Basically a post processor is the software that converts the toolpaths in the CAM program to actual G-code ie. the "glue" between CAM and G-code.

    Each machine and/or controller has its own requirement regarding the format and syntax of the G-code so the postprocessors job is to convert or translate the CAM programs internal way of representing the toolpaths to the exact G-code syntax that the particular machine/controller is expecting.

    For example, one controller may need a full circle divided into four quadrants (four G2's or G3's) while another can handle the full circle in one line of code, one controller may require line numbers on each line while another may not etc etc.

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