Hello guys,

Our company developes software for window and doors industry for aluminum, upvc and wood profiles. (This is not a commercial topic). Since we have started to sell our world wide we encounter very offen questions from potential customers that ask about "post processors".

Until now we have implemented CNC for the following machines:
Elumatec: E255/A, E555/1
Rotox: ZGS 314
Kaban: 1030, 1040 (InfoSys 2.0)
Pertici: 500F2K
Techna: TK145/10 Gold
Sturtz: 4HSM_JC, 4VSM_JC

My question is can some one explain to me what is/are prost processors? Is it some kind of standard for advanced CNC machines?

Thank you.

Marius Mihalca
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