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    Looking for a 48V PS ~500W in Europe


    I'm looking for a euro-plug 48V power supply about 500W to buy in Europe - since I'm kind of in a hurry and would like to receive it asap (most if not all ebay stuff is ~20+ days shipping and with end of the year coming and all...).

    I'll be running 4 NEMA23 motors, so if anyone can recommend an online shop or something that's in europe, I'd appreciate it.


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    Hey Future

    do you need a torroid?
    Prime, sec.?

    Please PM me.

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    I recently bought TDK Lambda 48V/600W SMPS from Digikey in USA. They ship it free of charge for orders above 65Euros, but be aware that you'll need to pay import taxes.
    The SMPS is framed, but you'll need to do all the cabling yourself (no Euro plug included). It is supposed to be put in a box, and I experience it as rather noisy because of the blower.

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