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    Need help! Torq cut 22 TLO..


    i have a 95 Bridgeport Torq cut 22 with a DX 32 control that has been working great until... I am having several problems with the tool length offset memory, and with my program files. I lost all of my TLO and my program files. When I looked in the maintenance page I was able to locate my part files (text) and reload them, but all of my TLO were gone. My X and Y Origin ere the same but the Z was reading off the chart. I then tried to Clear all of the offsets and re-enter them with no luck. The BMDC board seems to check out fine, as do the drive boards. Any ideas?? Calling EMI soon but wanted to ask on here to help narrow it down if a board needs replaced.


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    This is a PC based control and can exhibit ALL the problems of any other PC.
    You need to do a SCANDISK and DEFRAG and check your CMOS settings to see if they are correct for the hard drive you have.
    It is common for the CFGPRMS file to get scrambled. This has the TLOs in it.
    It can be deleted and the software SHOULD make a new one.
    It is also possible that the software may be corrupted.

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