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    Exclamation Communication Input / Output Program SEICOS MULTI

    I am having a communication issue with a Hitachi Seiki HT20SIII with Seicos Multi Control (1996). What had happened was, while I was sending a program to the machine from my computer, and the transfer was still in progress when someone accidentally hit the "emergency stop" button. I restarted the machine, but now when I go into "Edit" mode, and no matter what I choose (send, recieve, etc...) it shows the usual screen, but it has no programs listed, no communication parameters (Baud rate, RS232C, etc) are listed. So if I try to input a progam, instantly the whole thing freezes, and I hear a 'CLICK' coming from the back of the machine. You cant do anyting after that, no buttons work at all. If you have any idea, please help me out. If you need more information let me know and I will update my post.
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    From what your saying, it sounds like the settings or memory got messed up. If your not seeings anything for a baud rate (not just the wrong baud rate) then I would imaging you have a pretty serious problem if you do not have a full SRAM backup.

    Check with Mori Seiki service (took over for hitachi-seiki America) or a service company that specalizes with hitachi machines. (Empire CNC is one)

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    I was hoping it wasn't gonna be something serious. I will try to call them and see what they say. Thank you for the response.

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