We have problem with CITIZEN L20 machine manufactured in 1992. Machine was not plugged in electricity or worked for longer period.

Power supply PD21B capatitors were not working. When we pluged machine to electricity and tried to run it there was some problems (sparks). That was probbably reason why MR S12 40A Z33 was damaged. There was no alarm on monitor at any time. We had no signal on monitor. Probbably because of empty and burned capatitors. After we bought and installed power supply PD21B and amplifier MR S12 40A Z33.

Now situation is like:
- monitor is blank, so nothing on monitor,
- hidraulics are out
- servo amplifier II-axis MR S12 there is red allarm A6, III - axis also A6.

Reson for not working is probbably that CPU card is locked (as consequence of empty batteries and machine not working for six years) and we need to reset it, so we need code for reseting and to start motor and monitor etc.

Does anyone has parameters or advise us what nex steps should be?

Thank you very much!