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    Don't do business with this company

    I recently came across this companyies website and saw that they have TT type tooling advertised. I contacted them regarding pricing for their QT57 set. A 20 piece set. Jessica replyed to my email the next day and said it would be $267. I was pleased with the price and told her I wanted to proceed. Next came the payment issue. I wanted to pay by credit card or paypal but as you will see they do not want to use those. So I agreed to wire the money. Next day I get an email that said so sorry but the price I was quoted was for the QT57 set was with out the boring head and bar set and that I would need to pay $100 more for those. I asked how much shipping to Mongolia would be and she said $14 by air. I thought ok and offered to purchase this set for $350 delivered. Jessica accepted. I provide my shipping address in Mongolia and she provided bank transfer info. I wire $350 to the indicated account and 2 days later I receive an email the the item has been shipped. This was on a Saturday afternoon. Monday morning I receive an email that I need to send another $140 to cover shipping to Mongolia. I am told that they made a mistake in quoting the freight and thought I meant Inner Mongolia which is part of China. I had provided my complete address. There is no mention of Inner Mongolia on any of my correspondence. So now my good price set of TT tooling that I thought would be $267 is now up to $507. I ask for my money back and I am given the run around and told they will not pay for the bank fees. I wait another day for a response and in the mean time I have a business acquaintance in Shanghai that I have contacted to see if he will accept this item and then bring it with him in February. Now Jesica is demanding that I pay the $14 upfront for shipping to Shanghai. This will cost me another $7 in bank fees. I again ask for my money back and I am now being ignored. So my recommendation is to not do any business with this company.

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    Smile Thank you for your understanding.

    Quote Originally Posted by hobby1818 View Post
    This company is not honest to do business
    We are very sorry that we did not explain this story before, so cause you have this feeling.

    Jessica was a new saleman who is very close to the customer. It is why the customer did not decide to get the refund from our company and got the good deal at that time.

    We are very thankful that the customer's understanding and gave the chance let us serer to them. We will remember this experience and give the better service than before to the customer in the future.

    If you have any assistance which we could serve to you, please do not contact us all the time.

    Best regards,
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    Reply to How Mau statement

    I want to respond to Mow-Mau's statement. I did not pursue getting a refund as it was made clear that the refund would be made when it was convenient for them to pay it. They would not refund the transfer bank charges and would deduct charges for bank charges to return the money. I finally came up with the solution to have the tools sent to a person I knew in China and not through any assistance from anyone at this company. I did finally receive the tt tools and they are of marginal quality. I stand by my original statement that I would not recommend doing any business with this company in the future.

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    Im pretty sure I wont be doing any business with them either. Thanks 2nd steel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diylife.com.tw View Post
    If you have any assistance which we could serve to you, please do not contact us
    Interesting quote :rainfro:
    ● Distribuidor Syil en Argentina ● "www.syil.com.ar" ●

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    I have been saving up the funds for the purchase of my first CNC Mill and, out of necessity, it will have to be one of the many Bench Top CNC mills being offered.

    These How-Mau machines caught my attention. I've never seen one in action so to me it appears to be similar to the cnc mill being sold by the Little Machine Shop, except that the Little Machine Shop can actually speak and write in fluent english and they have decent customer support.

    For me the immediate draw back of buying one of these How-Mau CNC machines is; who do you turn to for warranty issues or trouble-shooting and such?

    As a newbie to CNC this would be absolutely critical.

    Even if How-Mau does attempt to offer support after the sale, would it be so insensitive to state the following: "I don't think I'd be able to understand the help they might be trying to give me."

    There seems to be a large enough language barrier in both their written responses and their spoken words that, in my mind, make warning-flags go off in my head. (Danger,Danger, Trouble Ahead)

    Now at this point I fully expect for some to be offended and call this a racially discriminating rant on my part. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    It's a "Common Business-Sense" issue. How are you going to gain and keep new customers if those potential customers have great difficulty understanding what you're talking about?

    A company such as How-Mau might have the best products in the world; and, at a ideal price but, if your customer relations people can't relate, what good does that do a CNC-Ignorant newbie like myself.

    Unless or until they can come up with a reliable fix for this language/customer relations barrier, I'll just keep saving up till I can come up with the money to buy from a company that can understand me and I can understand them.


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    I think there is more behind this story,than what is being said,Most likely a communication problem more than anything else

    How Mau is a ok company, they were at the IMTS show in Chicago with there machines, & they had there machines running every day all day, they have an office in CA now, so I think they will be easer to deal with, & the communication is ok to, Eric in CA will help you when you are ready, his email info@hmcnc.net Ph 925 577 4428

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    Re: Don't do business with this company

    As a Taiwaner, I'm sorry to hear about your story. Some people just don't have any idea of inner Mongolia. You should have mentioned China instead. I don't know what QT57 is, but I think the shipping could be based on DHL or UPS estimation.

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