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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > Commercial CNC Wood Routers > Gerber > Gerber profile 408 will not output to cotrol panel due to communication problem
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    Gerber profile 408 will not output to cotrol panel due to communication problem

    Hi I have a Gerber Profile 408 10hp setup at work. I mainly engrave steel counters for die production. Recently I ran into a problem outputting a job to the control panel. It seems like whenever I output the job to the control panel I do not get the usual loading file pop -up, The control panel takes a while for the lights to Flash or they will flash for a second and then go out, or not flash at all, the GQmgr times out and sends a Device Error Instruction Pop-up that says Comunications error on: Profile 408-1(COM1 (2). This is the first time this has happened, and it happened out of the blue, right after i had finished one job and was getting ready to start another. I called Gerber Tech support and they informed me it might be a bad serial port on the Electrical Cabinet, but they wernt sure. Cant really do anything else till the part gets here. Just wondering if anybody had any usful information, or has had the same problem.

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    The first thing I would do is remove, clean and reattach all electrical connections.

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    I recommend ringing the serial connection ( the actual wire ) you will need to know the pin outs on each end to do this. Rule it out first, typically it is the highgest probability of wire breakage. Next checks in no order would be the serial port on the EC and PC and the wires from each.

    Mark T.

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    Gerber 408 serial port com errors

    So I received a new Serial Port From Gerber, I installed it and The error was gone. I sent over a test job and started the gerber and it worked. So the 10minutes it took me to reset the table for another JOB the same problem is back. I sent the job over like I normally would and nothing, the Gqr manager timed out and sent me the same Error message as before. Any thoughts?

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