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If you want to take Mastercam u you need to contact your local Mastercam dealer to sign up.
We are about to release new training with Mastercam 2018.
I'm waiting to hear back from them. Do you think it's worth the $? Or would you recommend I get started with something like eapprentice.net? With eapprentice.net do you have access to the software or just the training videos?
What are your thoughts on Mastercam vs. Fusion 360? I've the machining knowledge but want to advance my career on the programming side. I think there are more shops using Mastercam than 360, so if I was looking to transition into a programming position, which I am, Mastercam would be more beneficial in that regard? However, you can get 360 basic for $300/annually and it seems to be a good place to start, I think. Thanks for the insight.