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    Shrink Fit Machine - Toronto Area

    Does anyone know of someone in the GTA with a shrink fit heating machine? We'd like to try some heat shrink tools before fully investing in a machine. Happy to provide compensation.

    Please feel to message me if you have any leads. Thanks!

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    Re: Shrink Fit Machine - Toronto Area

    hy, for best results, try hidraulic toolholders, that are designed to block the collet from getting out, and also the tool from getting out, and have a slim geometry, compared to a shrink-fit type, and comparable tirr ... of course, those will save the day, but only if you use high specs when cutting

    another advantage is that tool can be changed without a thermal cycle, thus you don't need extra-equipment

    downside with them, is that you have to prevent the hidraulic membrane from getting scratched by swarf that goes inside the collet grooves, so you should be looking for a method to block the swarf from getting in, like using some kind of speciall collets ... such products exist at shunk

    also, there are other alternatives, like pow-grip from rego-fix, that are avoiding the thermal cycle

    prospecting the market takes a while, but there are ways to achieve a powerfull grip, that do not require a thermal cycle; however, there are persons that only buy the shrink-fit holders, and are using a fridge and a fire-torch, so to replace the thermal cycle machine ; yes, it is cheaper, but on the long term is not reliable

    i can help you with some specific recomandations, but my last market prospect was a few years ago / kindly
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    Re: Shrink Fit Machine - Toronto Area

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