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Thread: Sieg KX3B

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    Sieg KX3B

    Hi All

    I am trying to get my Sieg KX3B mill to run with G-Code created from BobCad-Cam V24. The mill documentation states that is is Funduc compatible, and as such I have tried using some of the Funduc post-processors.

    Unfortunately all the generated G-Code fails at the first hurdle when the mill software verifies the code.

    Is there anyone who can advise which the correct Post Processor is to use for my milling machine.


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    You can contact technical support or request a post processor to be created for your specific machine, with information provided by you.

    Post Request | BobCAD-CAM

    Please be advised that all post creation is subject to an active technical support subscription, with a minimum of Level 1 Support. The number to contact technical support is 727-489-0003.

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