I am trying to see if anyone has the old parts from the X2 mini mill that they don't need anymore after CNC conversion.

I acquired a little machine shop mini mill that has the fusion CNC Z-axis kit but I want to convert it back to original. Instead of buying all new replacements, I'd like to see if anyone has old parts left over from their conversion.

The parts I need are all the Z-axis feed and the head support arm and torsion spring. The parts are interchangeable between the little machine shop mini mills, sieg X2, SX2, grizzly, eastwood and pretty much all other mini mills.

,Attachment 455278

I need all the parts labeled 87-112, 61-74 from the diagram below. It doesn't need to exact and I can order the missing ones, but I'd rather not have to buy everything new.


Thanks in advance.